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6 December 1991 The Grove Inn vs The Store Bar

The video below is from a pool tournament between Kennedy’s The Grove Inn & The Store Bar on 6th December 1991.

The pool games are shown in the second clip, but of more interest to many will be the shots around the bar of the crowd, including a number of people no longer with us.

It’s a nice little look back to reminisce & see those people enjoying a night in the village. We were lucky to be able to restore the footage from the video.

The first clip shows people around the bar before the pool starts & then the night after when people had gathered to watch the pool tournament on video.

The second clip below shows the action from the night, the times of each game are as follows…

0:01-3:03 Tom Kennedy v Patsy Sheehan

3:04-4:59 Willie Nolan v Sean Fitzgerald

5:00-5:51 Teams posing for photos

5:52-8:12 Ned Morkan v Fergie O’Connor (Missed start)

8:13-14:53 Mike Doyle v Eddie Pius Collins

14:54-18:38John Kennedy v John Martin Collins

If you have any old photos or videos from the community that you’d like to share, please get in touch.

3 thoughts on “6 December 1991 The Grove Inn vs The Store Bar

  1. Noel McEntee says:

    Great job on restoring and putting up this video. Lovely to see some of the old faces out enjoying themselves.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Noel. It’s a lovely one to have.

  2. Norelle says:

    That is just brilliant…

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