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A Video Of The Work Since We Started

As we come to the end of 2022, we have put together a video of all the work & events in the community since we started in 2017.

We have made massive progress, from our 5-year plan, to our Village in Bloom, the renovation of the grotto & new public space, the Shannon Way Trail, our International Facilitation Award, Live Crib, lighting up the Village for Christmas & our Christmas Tree, Christmas Market & Santa’s Grotto, our website, live streaming Christmas mass, the new Village signs, the road safety upgrades, footpaths & lighting upgrades, our boat & flowers at the top of Littor Road, plus events like Vintage Tractor Runs, Stars in Their Eyes, Green Coast Award & much more.

We have two feasibility studies & subsequent surveys underway for the river walk, recreation area & community centre. We hope the best is yet to come & will strive to achieve as much as possible from what was set out by our community in the 5-year plan.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped & supported our work in any way over the last few years. People have devoted so much of their free time & it is greatly appreciated.

A special thanks to anyone who has generously donated towards our projects, to our sponsors for helping us to continue our work, to our local councillors & Kerry County Council, Brendan O’Keeffe, Paul O’Raw, Hrishi Ballal, Lawater, NEWKD, FLAG, Veolia, Lenamore Wind Farm, & to everyone we have forgotten to thank.

Finally & sadly, we have lost a considerable number of people from our community since we started, many of whom appear in the video. A special mention to the late Joe Dee, who was joint Chairperson of the Development for over four years. One of the many gone far too soon, but never forgotten.

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