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Bottle Bank Cleanup and Cross Facelift

We would like to sincerely thank Kerry County Council, particularly the Environmental department, for their help & assistance in relocating the bottle bank in Jack J’s car park to a safer place.

The new concrete base will also make upkeep easier. Also thank you to Marie & Tom Lynch & Ned Morkan for their cooperation in line with the council’s guidelines. And thanks to Aine Kennedy for her work clearing up the mess.

Also, an issue that had been brought up at numerous community meetings, the overgrowth making for a dangerous turn off towards Littor Road has been given a trim before the growth of the summer begins. Thanks to Martin Stack & Eoin Kennedy for their handy work.

One thought on “Bottle Bank Cleanup and Cross Facelift

  1. Kathleen Carmody says:

    Well done lads

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