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Community Climate Action Programme

The community climate action programme is a new programme that will be launched by Kerry County Council in conjunction with the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications.

The programme supports small and large, rural and urban communities to take climate action at a local level.

Its goal is to shape and build low-carbon, sustainable communities that will contribute to achieving Ireland’s national climate action and energy targets.

The Community Climate Action Programme will help to make Kerry a more resilient county to the impacts of climate change and in doing so will make it a better place to live.

You can click on this link to read the document.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 6th of March at 5 pm.

Examples of potential small-scale projects: community composting, micro allotments, rooftop gardens, water refill stations, pollinator projects, small renewable energy projects, bike lockers, rewilding, rainwater harvesting for use in gardens/washing boots at sports fields, etc.

Examples of potential medium and large scale projects: small community renewable energy projects (solar, hydro, wind), retrofitting community buildings, LED community lighting or community EV charging point(s), reductions in carbon footprint in services, improving access to cycleways, cycle parking, safe or active travel routes to schools, developing community gardens to promote local food production, allotments, rooftop gardens, market gardens, food pledges from local businesses, food markets, food hubs, repair hubs or community composting facilities, creating urban agriculture hubs, projects that increase the variety and number of recycling facilities in the local community; initiatives aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling, community repair hubs, swap shops, water filling stations or single-use plastics elimination in businesses in communities, projects that take a holistic approach to managing the local environment, including in relation to climate action. 

This can include, for example, mini forests, dispersed orchards, community gardens, roof gardens, pollinator projects, or climate resilience projects. 

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