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Live Crib Closed

The Live Crib closed on Friday night for the final time after huge numbers of people passing through its doors over Christmas 2019.

We would like to thank everyone for their kind messages and donations, it is really appreciated.

A special thanks to all who checked on the animals and crib over the Christmas, particularly Martin Stack & Donie O’Keeffe for the time they put into it. Martin even went so far as to read a bedtime story to the sheep! (as can be seen below).

The National school children also paid a visit to the crib this week and the children who named each animal posed for a photo with them.

A final thank you again to Mairead Doyle, as without her the Live Crib would not be in the village. The backdrop she kindly sponsored was also a beautiful addition to the crib this year.

We hope 2020 is good to you all & that we will all be around to see the crib open in December this year.

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