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Live Crib closing

Despite the extensive work carried out to cater for Covid restrictions, the worryingly severe surge in Covid infections around the country means we need to protect our community.

It is with a heavy heart we have taken the decision to close the live crib tomorrow, Sunday evening.

The situation is far more serious than at any time in the last year, with our health system being stretched to capacity, so we must do what we can to support our front line workers.

We ask everyone to adhere to the 5km limits, follow all Covid guidelines, stay home & keep each other safe.

We want to thank everyone who has called to the crib & who generously donated to its upkeep.

We will get through this & we look forward to welcoming you back to the crib in December 2021 with the country hopefully in a much better place.

Stay safe & happy new year once again.

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