Memory Lane

Village of Asdee Festival 1995 Part 2

The second part of our trip back in time to the Festival of 1995 takes us to the various events held in the community. Once again, a number of people feature who are no longer with us and it’s lovely to have footage of these treasured memories.

The first clip shows us some of the events from the festival, including the Bonnie Baby, Glamourous Granny & other fun games.

The second clip takes us to the sports day (which got fairly competitive at times!), with clips from the men’s & women’s’ basketball and the soccer tournament. Featuring some fine commentary from Patrick O’Brien for a few minutes.

Finally, we have some clips from the Married versus Singles football match. Another game that didn’t want for competitive spirit and ended with the married men victorious.

Thanks for visiting the site. If you have any clips you’d like to share with us, please get in touch.

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